Reliable, actionable endometriosis testing for your patients.

Our test is more accurate than surgery, providing you with the data you need to make treatment decisions and improve outcomes.

How to administer the test

Order the test online and the test kit can be delivered to your office or directly to your patient's home.

In the office

After collecting your patient’s sample in the office, mail it back to DotLab in the pre-paid package.


At the patient's home

Place an order for your patient to receive the DotLab test in the mail. They will receive their kit at home, provide their saliva sample, and mail it back to DotLab.

When to use our test

Our test can be used in multiple ways, including initial diagnosis, informing treatment decisions, and monitoring disease recurrence following treatment.
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Pain untreated

Gives peace of mind to go on oral contraceptives, the first line of therapy.

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Pain treated with oral contraceptives

Proves when oral contraceptives are failing and the patient is eligible for a second line of therapy.

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Informs decision making for fertility preservation or endometriosis correction prior to IVF.

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Medically and/or surgically treated

Provides opportunity to monitor disease progression and recurrence.

Scientific Collaborators

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Endometriosis is known to be linked to numerous other diseases including autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular disease and women’s cancers.

DotLab is actively working with research collaborators and is committed to accelerating research for the diagnosis, management and prognosis of endometriosis and related conditions.

Highest Laboratory Standards


Our scientists process all patient samples in a US laboratory that is certified to the highest standards and meets all Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) requirements. CLIA certification ensures that laboratories meet or exceed quality standards for reliable results.


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