What’s in the “Dot” of DotLab?

Historically, we were inspired by Dorothy “Dot” Hodgkin (1910-1994). When Dr. Hodgkin won the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1964, "Oxford Housewife Wins Nobel" was the headline that ran around the world. This "housewife" was in fact one of the most outstanding scientists of the 20th century. She advanced the technique of x-ray crystallography, a foundational tool that led to the field of structural biology. We’re proud to honor good science and even more, pioneering women.

Today, in the era of digitization of healthcare, the notion of a Dot is a nod to “DotCom”, one of the most recognizable symbols of the internet. Just as the internet democratizes information access, at DotLab, we believe in paving the way for women to receive seamless access to health diagnostics and data.


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