I’m a physician. How can I request access to DotEndo for my patients once the test is available?


DotEndo measures disease- specific biomarkers to confirm the presence of active endometriosis disease. The non-invasive test can be used across all stages of disease, regardless of hormonal or menstrual cycle variables.


unexplained infertility

Take the guesswork out of failed fertility treatments. Endometriosis is a leading cause of unexplained infertility and implantation failure. Over half of women with endometriosis have difficulty getting pregnant. Early diagnosis can prevent disease progression and increase the chances of pregnancy.


pelvic pain or dysmenorrhea

Symptoms are broad and unique to each individual, often making endometriosis difficult to recognize. When endometriosis is misunderstood as routine menstrual pain, women don’t get the disease-specific treatments they need. With DotEndo, you’ll get insights that go beyond the power of the eye.


Medically or surgically treated endometriosis

Diagnosis of endometriosis currently requires surgery. With DotEndo, endometriosis can be detected by assessing disease-specific biomarkers present in body fluids such as blood or saliva. Repeat testing of endometriosis biomarkers can also help physicians track response to therapy, investigate recurrence, and observe changes over time.