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DotLabTM is a women’s healthcare technology company bringing you DotEndoTM, a breakthrough, non-invasive, blood test that aids in the diagnosis of active endometriosis.

DotLab | Real Patients with Endometriosis

Today, 1 in 10 women and people with menstrual cycles suffer from endometriosis1

But an endometriosis diagnosis can take up to eleven years. That’s because painful periods have been normalized for far too long and there aren’t enough tools to catch the disease early2.

With DotEndo, we're filling a diagnostic gap that is over a century old. DotEndo measures biomarkers in the blood which act as a unique signature to identify active endometriosis across all stages of the disease, regardless of hormones, cycle, or symptoms.


DotEndo works by measuring biomarkers in the blood and applying biostatistics to identify endometriosis.


DotEndo is a unique, non-invasive test that only requires a blood draw.


DotEndo can provide answers earlier to help speed up the diagnostic journey—preventing disease progression by beginning treatment sooner.


DotEndo may help identify endometriosis as a cause for those 25-50% of patients who experience unexplained infertility3.

The DotEndo test is the first-of-its-kind blood test for endometriosis, now available to select providers. Sign up  for more information about DotEndo and DotLab.

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DotLab | Real Patients with Endometriosis

Without a test, the path to getting diagnosed can be a very long one. Today, the average delay in diagnosis is ten years and involves many changes in doctors. Get diagnosed earlier so you can get the care you need!

Haley, real patient

DotLab | Real Patients with Endometriosis

At age 27, I underwent surgery to finally receive an endometriosis diagnosis, but I suffered from the disease for many years before that.

Julia, real patient

DotLab | Real Patients with Endometriosis

When I had my first surgery and official diagnosis of endo, it was a relief and validated my pain… but it shouldn’t have taken 6 doctors to believe me in the first place. Most endo warrior stories I hear have women waiting until their 30’s or 40’s for diagnosis. That. Is. Not. Ok.

Olivia, real patient

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