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Our work maps the molecular components of prevalent women’s health issues to create novel tests for quicker diagnosis and better outcomes. 

DotLab | Real Patients with DotEndo Test Box

With our first product, DotEndoTM, earlier detection and treatment of endometriosis will be possible. 

DotEndo is a breakthrough blood test that analyzes the expression of microRNA biomarkers associated with the endometriosis to provide a clear positive or negative result, not a risk profile.

DotEndo was developed based on over a decade of peer-reviewed scientific research and development, demonstrating the association of microRNAs to endometriosis and infertility.


Accurate Diagnosis of Endometriosis Using Serum MicroRNAs (2020)

Published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. This peer-reviewed publication demonstrates that 6 microRNA biomarkers can reliably identify endometriosis with high accuracy.
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Serum microRNAs as diagnostic markers of endometriosis: a comprehensive array-based analysis (2016)

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Circulating microRNAs as potential biomarkers for endometriosis (2015)

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Clinical Studies



The EMPOWER Study is a prospective, observational, multi-center cohort study enrolling approximately 750 females of reproductive potential aged 18-49 who have been referred to undergo laparotomy or laparoscopy or other procedures for suspected endometriosis and other benign gynecological indications.
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