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Endometriosis is a prevalent, chronic disease that affects an estimated 1 in 10 women. Today, it can take an average of 7 to 10 years—up to 120 excruciating periods—to receive a diagnosis.

DotLab | Real Patients with Endometriosis

DotEndoTM is available upon request by select healthcare providers.

DotEndo is a first-of-its-kind blood test to aid in the diagnosis of endometriosis. A yes or no answer could provide the clarity needed to help you receive effective treatment for symptoms and/or support for fertility issues sooner.  

DotEndo must be ordered by a healthcare provider. Please talk to your doctor to see if DotEndo is available in your area.

  • Painful Periods

  • Pelvic Inflammation

  • Painful Sex

  • Low Back Pain

  • Painful Bowel Movements

  • Intestinal Distress

  • Fertility Issues

Too often women seek treatment for these symptoms, but are told its “all in their head” or “normal.”

In reality, an estimated 176 million women—many with these symptoms—suffer from endometriosis1.

The DotEndo test can help clarify if endometriosis is the cause.

The DotEndo test is the first-of-its-kind blood test for endometriosis, now available to select providers. Sign up  for more information about DotEndo and DotLab.

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For many women, endometriosis can make them feel defeated, ignored, confused, challenged, brave. At DotLab, we’re standing up endo warriors everywhere and we want your input.

DotLab | Real Patients with Endometriosis

It took about 6 years of testing and switching doctors before a cyst removal surgery led to the discovery of my endometriosis. I was repeatedly told it was just a horrible period. If there was a way to a faster diagnosis, I would have taken it immediately.

Monsurat, real patient

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